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Marketing / Project Supprt Department

When our teams from the multi-media production and technological strategy departments come together, we are able to produce marketing, entertainment, business event plans that will be best suited and most effective for your international business in US and Japan.


Main Services

Our main services include:

- Consulting / Marketing Strategy
- Marketing Research
- Planning and Support for International Virtual Event and Conference
with multilingual intelligent interpreting services
- Various types of business coordination

- Organic Food Production
- Sushi catering and Pop Up Service with Japanese Sushi Chefs


SHARP Promotion Event 「AQUOS Experience」 @ the Grand Central Station in NYC

During the holiday season, SHARP had a promotion event - "AQUOS Experience" (Producer: FCI / Research: Marcom)- at the Grand Central Station in NYC. We, MSS-New York, Inc., were in charge of planning and operation of the event.

Hyper Media Creator, Tsuyoshi Takashiro created the video contents, which caught people's attention so well. During the event, people were encouraged to sign up in order to have a chance to win one of those 43 LCD pannels, which were used for the tree. Also, SHARP made $1 donation for the each person who signed up during the event.

Because of the fact that the tree with 43 LCD monitors caught people's attention and have good cause, various media covered the event. This AQUOS tree was successfully became a hot topic to talk about in the holidays 2008.


"Filial Piety Society (Filial Family Society) 17th Annual Award Ceremony"

MSS-New York, Inc. helped Filial Piety Society (Filial Family Society) to organize its "17th Anuual Award Ceremony" at The TimesCenter (New York Times Building).

Filial Piety Society (Filial Family Society) has held ceremonies and awarded certificates to 98 awardees during the past 16 years, at the United States Capitol and New York City Council, as exemplary parents and children and youth in 50 states. We have also awarded certificates from United States Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors, and Council Speakers.

This year, MSS-New York took charge in planning, marketing, project management, and event direction for this ceremony and made it happen flawlessly.

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Tradeshow Promotion in US and Japan

MSS-New York, Inc. will help you draw more Japanese exhibitors to your tradeshow in the United States. Experienced staff in our New York office consists of both bilingual (Japanese-English) speakers, which enables us to effectively promote and market your tradeshow not only in the Japanese communities, but also in the Asian community as a whole.

Our branch office in Japan consists of native Japanese staff who is fluent in English can effectively promote your tradeshow in Japan. We translate flyers and any provided show materials into appropriate languages and distribute them at major tradeshows in order to draw more exhibitors from Japan/US to your tradeshow in the US/Japan.

If you are looking for opportunities to expand your existing or new business in Japan, we can also assist you in that area. Our Office in Japan will help you choose the right tradeshow where your products or services would have the most appeal for your potential customers in the Japanese market.

Whether it's in the United States, in Japan or in both, MSS- New York, Inc. is the right fit to help you fully realize your business plans and to maximize your profit from the show that you will attend or organize.


• United States (Japanese / English) ----- Masahiko Honge masa@mss-newyork.com