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MSS-New York, Inc. is a marketing, PR, virtual events/remote production and retail company based in New York as well as in Japan.

3 key words symoblize who we are...

"International" "Well-rounded" "Surprising"


MSS-New York, Inc. has offices in New York, Tokyo and Kansai, Japan. Most of our employees have international backgrounds and a great wealth of cultural know-how. We excel at consulting, marketing and planning / production in Japanese, English etc. This allows our coordination skills to transcend all national and international borders.


MSS-New York, Inc. consists of a marketing, Public Relation department, a event / production department and our technological strategy department. We undertake all matchmaking processes such as marketing, creative planning, production and post-production in-house. Keeping things within the MSS-New York, Inc. “family” ensures the project's consistency and maintains a strong brand image from conception to delivery.


The attribute that we are most proud of is the fact that "We love to surprise people." The ability to surprise someone is that one inimitable quality which can only come from exceeding one's expectations. To create it, we dig deep to discover and understand exactly what our clients and consumers expect. By doing this, we find ways to exceed expectations while always staying loyal to client’s needs and wants. To be honest, it isn't easy. However, we believe only that kind of "Surprise" can create successful encounters that will remain in your mind. This is a concept which textbook based marketing can never produce.

Documentary "Manhattan 2001" (HDCAM Footage)

After the 911 incident, our MSS-New York filmmaking team spent six months with HDCAM cameras capturing the lives of New York City residents recovering from the hardship and recorded approximately 800 minutes of HDCAM footage. They then produced and screened "Manhattan 2001," an 8-minute HD filler dedicated to the memory of 911 and the recovery of the citizens of New York City.

Youtube: Manhattan2001(15 year anniversary filler of 9/11)

The Creaters dedicate the film to the remembrance of 9/11 and to the resilience of the people of Manhattan.

MSS-NewYork Production Staff as of in 2001:
Producer, Cinematographer: Masa Honge (MSS-NewYork,Inc.)
Director: Andreas Timmer (Columbia Universiyt, Ph.D.)
Composer: Daniel Palkowski (NYU/EY, Producer)
Editor: Chih Hsiao (MSS-NewYork,Inc.)
Production Coordinator: Sakiko Honge (MSS-NewYork,Inc.)

It has never been broadcasted before.

9/11 Related Memorial HDCAM footage (Excerpt)

Youtube: Memorial HDCAM Footage of 9/11

Fund Archived HDCAM footage documenting New York's recovery after911

After the World Trade Center Incident in September 2001, the rescue efforts, supporters, the suffering of the people of New York City, and the spirit of solidarity in the face of hardship were recorded on a high-definition HDCAM camera, which was rare at the time, and over 1000 minutes of professional HDCAM tape was recorded by filmmakers from New York University and Columbia University. However, some of the video files were lost due to HDD corruption. Since most of the unreleased footage is still on tape, we will digitize it and create metadata for each scene as soon as possible, and make it available to the public in the hope that it will lead to new information related to the victims. The unreleased footage includes many positive activities of people at 911-related charities, the Columbus Parade, Central Park, and other events. We need your support to purchase equipment such as HDCAM tape decks and servers for professional use, to produce clips for public viewing, and to manage the viewing data.
We have made video clips of a small portion of the remaining digital video data as a sample.

Fundraising Site

Your warm support would be greatly appreciated.
Producer and Cinematographer: Masa Honge (NYU ITP 2001 Graduates)
Contact about HD Footage: masa@mss-newyork.com


Company Profile

【What We Do】

• Multilingual Webinar project support (planning, live video operation, video program editing, CG and subtitle production and delivery)
• Global Translations, Wordly operation for 16+language realtime translation and interpretation cloud service
• Smart home system integration and installation, maintenance (Including Security Camera System, Sound Visual System, IP Network, sensors)
• Remote and virtual video production
• Coordination & Organization for Virtual Event, Conference, Concert
• Research and report for new normal business including IoT, Local 5G,UI, Smart city, Sensors.
• System design and integration for broadcasting, smart home, virtual events.
• Everything associated with above
•Organic Food Production, catering, Pop-up service (Order-made, FDA resigtered company)
•International Trading service for your projects


July, 2001

【Our Clients】 (alphabetical)

• ASAHI Shinbun
• BK Nexent
• Canon
• FIFA Host Broadcast Service
• Funai Electric
• Gaora
• Japan Image Communications
• Kanagawa Institute of Technology
• Kintetsu International
• Keio Academy of New York
• Kansai TV(KTV)
• Kyoto Broadcasting System(KBS)
• Mainichi Broadcasting System(MBS)
• New Pig
• NHK Cosmomedia
• National Institute of Information and Communications Technology(NICT)
• Nikkei Radio Broadcasting
• Nikkei Visual Images
• Nikkei Visual Images America
• Nippon Broadcasting System (JOLF)
• Nippon Club (NC)
• Nippon Television Network (NTV)
• NTT Group
• Pioneer
• Ryugaku Journal
• Safeco Risk Control
• 2nd STREET
• Toei
• Tohokushinsha Film
• YG Family (Korea)
• Y's Publishing (NYC)