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MSS-New York, Inc. is an International business, supporting and providing multimedia content and production throughout the New York City area. Here at MSS-New York, Inc., we strive to make a harmonious match between businesses and their clients, as well as other businesses in order to create a successful encounter for everyone. We primarily utilize this “matching” concept by connecting business from Japan to clients and other business here in the United States. MSS-New York, Inc. has capabilities in handling business negotiations, provide media contents and production, and technological development support for domestic and international clients.

We have extensive experience in processes such as marketing, creative planning, production and post-production, in-house as well as coordinate events such as concerts, sports outings, and any other variation of the arts in the US and Japan. In term of media technology, we have handled significantly with uncompressed 8K transmission technology for telemedicines with a 8K endoscope, MPEG4-ALS, and 5G mobile, AR, VR, AI. Our matchmaking business model at MSS-New York, Inc. ensures consistency in our work and allows us to maintains a strong brand image from conception to delivery.

New Release US edition

Shohei Ohtani “Two-Way Phenom: 5 Year Rise to Stardom with the Fighters”

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