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MSS-New York, Inc. is an International business, supporting and providing multimedia content and production throughout the New York City area. Here at MSS-New York, Inc., we strive to make a harmonious match between businesses and their clients, as well as other businesses in order to create a successful encounter for everyone. We primarily utilize this “matching” concept by connecting business from Japan to clients and other business here in the United States. MSS-New York, Inc. has capabilities in handling business negotiations, provide media contents and production, and technological development support for domestic and international clients.

We have extensive experience in processes such as marketing, creative planning, production and post-production, in-house as well as coordinate events such as concerts, sports outings, and any other variation of the arts in the US and Japan. In term of media technology, we have handled significantly with uncompressed 8K transmission technology for telemedicines with a 8K endoscope, live streaming tests for concerts with High resolution sound (96KHz, 24bits) by MPEG4-ALS, and LDM research for 5G mobile and 8K medical camera, AR, VR, AI. Our matchmaking business model at MSS-New York, Inc. ensures consistency in our work and allows us to maintains a strong brand image from conception to delivery.

News Release:
Shohei Ohtani “Two-Way Phenom: 5 Year Rise to Stardom with the Fighters” Pre-orders start on January 17. 2019, 11:17AM PST

MSS-NewYork,Inc. is proud to announce that we will be releasing the highly valued, Personal Blu-ray of Shohei Ohtani “Two-Way Phenom: 5 Year Rise to Stardom with the Fighters” soon. As one of the newest and most anticipated members of Major League Baseball in the United States, Shohei Ohtani's baseball skills merit a highlight documentary such as this. Pre-orders will be accepted by copyright holders, Hokkaido Broadcasting Co., Ltd., (HQ: Sapporo City, Japan), GAORA CORPORATION ( HQ : Osaka City, Japan), Cooperation, the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters(the Fighters), Nippon Professional Baseball Organization. Authorized by the very company that recorded Ohtani over the 5 years he played for the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters, this Shohei Ohtani's personal Blu-ray is not only a tribute to his time in Japan, but also a sneak peak of what is to come in the MLB. So make sure to order the Blue-ray of one of the most historic rises in the Japanese baseball world today!

Blu-ray Disc Set Box Collection (Cover Image)

Pre-order Site: https://www.shoheiohtanidisk.com/

As Japan’s first “legitimate” two-way player, Ohtani had Japan’s first-ever double-digit homerun and double-digit win season in 2014, and won the pitching triple crown in 2015. In 2016, he took the spotlight as the Fighters ace and leadoff hitter, leading the Fighters to become Japan’s top team by winning the NPB title. Men and women, young and old--he fascinated everyone with his record setting 165km/h (102.5 mph) fastball, becoming the hardest throwing pitcher in NPB history. This Blu-ray disks include his highlights with the Fighters, his journey as a two-way player, and historic moments from his 5-year career in Japan.

© Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters

If you have question about the Blu-ray sales, please contact us.
Contact: salesinfo@shoheiohtanidisk.com

News Release for Shohei Ohtani “Two-Way Phenom: 5 Year Rise to Stardom with the Fighters” (Download)


=New Media Sales= We will start pre-order Shohei Ohitani Blu-ray Disc Box set in Jan.17.2019
=New Media Promotion= We assist tech promotion of the first 8K endoscope for kairos Co. Ltd.
=New Media Promotion= We attened the first live streaming test with full orchestra concert in Japan for high resolution sound by MPEG4-ALS(Sep.2017)
=NY Event Promotion= We promoted GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE WORLD TOUR concert "SPEEDSTER" in LA,Manhattan (May 2017)
=NY Event Promotion= We promoted the Japanese flower event on web site, SNS, AD, PR Cards in NY on Jan. 2017. Please see Face Book for the latest information.
=TV Production= We interviewed Japanese professional tennis player for Japanese TV Station, "Gaora" at IMG Academy in FL. Joint News Conference
=US Event Coordination= We assisted Real-Time Romote 8K-CG Creatio Demo on 100Gbps Newtwork between Japan and NICT Booth at SuperComputingShow(SC16) in Utah, USA, Press Release
=New AR Business Promotion= We promote New PR tool "lilipeer" made in Japan and will open PR event in NYC for English version soon. Introduction PDF for lilipeer
=MSS Relesed 911 Memorial Filler= We released "Manhattan2001", which is 15 year anniversary filler of 9/11)"Manattan 2001"YouTube, "Memorial HDCAM Footage of 9/11"(YouTube)
=MSS Press Release= KAIT edits and processes uncompressed 8K UHF video (16x the resolution of HDTV) through cloud-based live streaming, and distributes it over network . PressRelease PDF
=NY Concert Promotion= We promoted two OMNY Taiko Drum Concerts organized by Grammy Award Winner, Koji Nakamura in Manhattan (April 2016), in Catskill Mountain(July 2016) Poster PDF
=New IP Tech Service= We can design and install IP Advanced Radio System on your site. It is Full-Duplex Communiccation that works over a wirelss LAN and IP Network. PDF
=Sports Marketing=MSS-NY supported International Promotion toward Japanese Market in Tri-State Area for MTB World Cup in Windham, NY in 2010 - 2014.
=Event Promotion= We promoted "IP Video Studio System" exhibited at NAB2011(Press Release3/31/2011,PDF)
=Jump Rope USA Competition= Successfully we completed Panasonic Kids School Cup "Rope Jump" USA Competition on 1/23/2011. Thank you for cooporation and looking forward to meeting you next time.
=High Technology= We assisted virtual network architecture Demo includes Uncompressed 4K Video Transmission TEST at SC10, NICT/NTT Booth Press Release
We supported French Team and Japanese Team for MTB World Cup Final in Windham, NY.
We promoted Japanese Drum Concert by Grammy Award Winner, Koji Nakamura and OMNY in NY in 2013 - 14. 2013Poster, 2014Poster
We open a new office in Windham, CatsKill State Park, NY in June 2010. more
2009 Winter, SHARP AQUOS Experience @ the Grand Central Station in NYC  more
2009 Winter, HDTV Video Production - Ikegami "GF Series" Promotion Video more
2009 Summer, Shooting footages for Toshiba AV Business Press Conference more
11/01/08 "Filial Piety Society (Filial Family Society) 17th Annual Award Ceremony" more
07/07/07 Full production Management in MA for a Japanese TVCM. more