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Production Department

Please leave it us to handle all stages of development from planning to the delivery of the final product. We deliver work that reaches a customer's heart using effective promotions which keep the "consistency" of your brand.

Of course, you can request any part of the creative processes - such as editing, designing, shooting, and project coordination. We work with an experienced eye which sees the whole project and deliver products of the highest quality.

Main Services

- HD/UHD Video Planning & Production
PV (Promotion Video) / VP (Video Package)

Television Program & Relay Coordination (2K,4K,8K)

Japanese Traslation, Narration, Subtitle

- Website Development

- Printing

- Multimedia Production (AR,VR, Projection Mapping)

- Event Planning / Operation / Support

- All sorts of coordination


Media Packages
HD (High Definition)
Video Production Package

Website Production Package

Printing package
- Planning
- Research / Coordination
- Creative Writing
- Direction
- Producing
- HD Shooting
- HD Editing
- Sound Design
- Computer Graphics
- Package Design
- DVD / Blu-ray Disc Production
- Consulting
- Planning
- Flash
- Design
- Planning
- Marketing / Advertising Copy
- Coordination
- Design

Ikegami "GF Series" Promotion Video (HDTV)

MSS-New York, Inc. was in charge of producing Ikegami's GF Series (GF Cam, GF Pack, and GF Station) promotion video (HDTV) for the North American and European markets. We started from researching the similar products available in the today's market in order to find out the strength of the products that we were supposed to help promote. After figuring out several points that we would like to stress, we created storyboard and started looking for professionals who could represent the products well. Then, we set out for filming, which requred several different locations in NY and NJ. Our editing staff literally spent days and nights in our editing studio in order to complete the project.

Ikegami GF Series Promotion Video

Researching, directing, and shooting footages for "Toshiba AV Business Press Conference"

Summer 2008 - MSS-New York was in charge of researching, directing, and shooting interviews and footages for Toshiba AV Business Press Conference.


Music Video / Promotion Video production

Concert TVCM (only Video)


Full production coordination for a Japanese TV CM

Boston, July 7th, 2007 - MSS-New York, Inc. coordinated all the production sides within the United States for Asahi Soft Drinks' TV Commercial. The filming took place in Boston, MA on July 7th, 2007.

Because of our efforts and care, the whole process of filming was completed without any major problems. MSS-New York, Inc. has tremendous amounts of know-how in production, both in Japan and the United States. This is our strength; this know-how allows us to make any type of project work smoothly, especially when it involves internationally diverse planning and production crew