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Tech Strategy Department

Here at MSS-New York, Inc., we are always on the lookout for new technology that we can use for promotion and production, in order to make things faster, easier and more efficient. While some of them may not have been exposed to the general United States market, we can guarantee you that they will create a unique and effective solution that will give you or your company an edge in this competitive global market.

MSS-New York, Inc. also provides individual services utilizing these new technological advances.


Main Technologies

- Office IT Solution (VPN, Security Camera, LAN, WAN Installation)

- AR, VR, Projection Mapping production service and operation support.

- Broadcasting / Communication System Design
  (Studio Design, Broadcasting truck Design and Operation, Video Transmission System
  Design over IP and RF Microwave)

- Uncompressed and Compressed HD, 4K Live Transmission, Streaming Support Service

- Sound & Video System integration for restaurant, Hotel, School, Office (For both consumer and prosumer)

- IP Advanced Radio System, IP Codec and US products Sales and System Integration both in US and Japan

- Business PR Tool Creation with Web Site, Poster, Leaflet etc.

Technologies Sales

Equipment Rental HD Digital Camera and Editing Equipment

MSS-New York, Inc. has the most up-to-date HDTV non-linear editing equipment in our office. We can rent each piece of equipment. We will do our best to provide the right package for your specific needs. Contact us for more information regarding price and availability.