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From the Fighters to the Angels

The first Shohei Ohtani's English documentary package product in North America. 6 hours of his documentary about Ohtaniís passion for baseball and his approach to Two-Way Player since his high school age.

Shohei Ohtani, Blu-ray Disc Box Collectibles "Two-Way Phenom"

360 Minutes Historical Documentary HD including A Limited Photo Card.

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Virtual Exhibition, Production and Operation "Our Concept Video (Sample)"

We support the creation and operation of virtual exhibition booths in multiple languages to expand your business.In addition to the business negotiation corner, sales corner, and PR corner, you can devise an event stage space where various events can be held on a regular and limited basis.

"Our Concept Video (Sample)"

Metaverse Sample "Japanese Edo Metaverse" (Under construction)

Powered by Nest+Vesual

We can also shoot and create 3D Virtual Tours for real estate, restaurants, hotels, event spaces, factories and more.

Virtual Tour URL for NY European Craft Retail Store (sample):

Images taken during the Virtual Tour (Two sample Images)

 2019 Tech Watch Award Winner "Wordly" Promotion.

MSS-NewYork promotes Silicon Valley-based start-up wordly as the overall winner of its IBTM World Tech Watch Award, and Lineup Ninja as the People's Choice Award winner.  Wordly was crowned the judge’s winner for its intelligent interpreting services, leveraging voice recognition and artificial intelligence (AI). With the ability to translate more than 16 languages, wordly breaks language barriers, eliminating the need to create sound-proof spaces or hire translating equipment or personnel, therefore providing a much needed, cost-effective solution for the global meetings and events industry. MSS-NewYork can demonstrate on Zoom for Wordly. Wordly Web SIte

Wordly requires adding languages on Windows - Instruction PDF

Wordly attendee instruction on Windows - Instruction PDF

 New Service for Smart Life 

We support repair and Installation of Long-Range Wi-Fi Extender, Security Camera (CCTV), Internet Connection ,Audiovisual, radio as well as Smart Home which can remotely control security cameras, AV equipment, shading, garage, kitchen, lighting,​ room temperature compatible with the new normal life.

Multimedia production samples for your new business PR

Projection mapping for restaurants and event spaces

Horror Tech Project by "Darkness inc."

English Web Site : http://v1.death.co.jp/en/

Darkness inc. :Company Profile

Please contact us if you are interested in Japanese technology.
Contact : info@mss-newyork.com

Local service in Catskill NY State Park Area,NY

Japanese Sushi Catering and Pop-Up Service by Japanese sushi chefs for your parties and restaurants in Catskill Mountains, NY 

Sushi Catering Video (sample): https://www.instagram.com/p/CGwQWTfp3mw

-- Our chefs are Health care registrants and food insurance owners --
Contact for PoP-Up and Catering Service : CatskillVoice@gmail.com

 MSS-NewYork is a FDA registered company since 2013 

With experience in public relations, ITU-T e-Health Advisory, medical electronics related business support, and food import/export services, we look to tailor solutions based on client-specific needs.

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